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Co-Working Space vs Physical Office Space? Work from home or back at the office?

Updated: Jan 17

Co-Working Space vs Physical Office Space?

By: Regina Dublin, 7/31/2023

These are questions being asked everyday by businesses ready to get back into doing their business.

What do you do when you have work you have to get done and the children are around or the dogs insist on barking at every car or person that goes by your front window? Do you go to a coworking platform or your own physical office space? The downside of coworking spaces is you are out in an open area where everyone hears what you say – or you are limited to talking in a “phone booth”. You are placed at a table with internet access (some limited) in a wide-open area. What do you do if someone near you does the same business as yours? How do you concentrate when others are talking right next to you? These are all downsides of working in a coworking space. Why not go to your very own physical office space?

Fully Furnished Office Space
One Person Window Office Space

At Mid-Atlantic Offices we focus on your own personal office space. No being afraid of what people see on your computer, or hear what you are saying. No having to get up and go find a “phone booth” to make that important call. You are placed in your own space! You have the key!

Mid Atlantic Offices has thought of everything! You get a live Receptionist answering your very important phone calls (at no additional cost – this is included with every office we lease). No need to buy furniture or move in furniture – our offices are fully furnished (desk, chair, guest chairs, lateral and a bookcase). You also get a local telephone number along with telephone equipment. And that is not all!

You get high speed fiber internet in your office. Conference rooms to reserve when needed – no additional cost and yes – they are available 24/7! We also have Secretarial support should you need it (for a minimal fee).

Conference Rooms Available
Conference Room

During Covid a lot of businesses let people work from home. We are seeing an upturn in businesses requiring employees to return to the office. There are just way too many distractions at home. And is your staff really working from home? Call Mid-Atlantic Offices for a free tour and let’s see how we can help you and your business succeed! 410-312-5580

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